Next Hot Chefs - SeattleMet 2019

When Jane Sherman asks you if you can photograph five hot shot chefs for Seattle Met’s annual” Next Hot Chefs” feature, you say YES!.  The brief, individual environmental portraits of  five chefs all photographed at one of their favorite foodie spots in town.  Incredibly, all five made room in their schedules to work with me, and even more surprisingly, their favorite bars/restaurants/food havens opened their doors to us for the sittings.

David Snyder for Backpacker Magazine

Recently I was contacted by Backpacker about making some images for their "Survival" section. The brief was  simple, create dramatic black and white images illustrating survivor David Snyder.

David got lost in the Olympic wilderness for four days after he lost his glasses. Pick up a copy of Backpacker and read all about it.   

Setting up, Photo by Ken Yu

Setting up, Photo by Ken Yu