Behind the Scenes

TOM's Shoes

We had a really tight timeline for this shoot, less than a week from the initial meeting to the shoot date. Do to the tight deadline some of the early ideas involved simple or textured backgrounds and graphic treatments. Because Michelle and I couldn't help ourselves we came up with the theme of a family dinner. At least that was the universe we wanted to images to live in. We decided to show the transition from summer to fall by creating an indoor/outdoor space and incorporating fall textures and colors. We had to build the set instead of shooting on location because there were so many shoes and we wanted the look and feel to remain consistent from shot to shot. In the end we delivered substantially more images than would ever be used, simply because we had the set so dialed in. 

Styling by: Michelle Lateste

Photography by: Me

Here are some behind the scenes images, including rough whiteboard diagrams and some pictures of me pondering my small existence in the vast sea of apple-boxes. 

Multiple Lighting Setups to Maximize Short Shoots.

Often when shooting with notable people, the time allotted to you is quite short. This means there is no time to adjust lighting and no time to backtrack and try something different. In preparation for a sitting with Senator Patty Murray (photos to follow), I recalled a sports illustrated shoot that utilized multiple lighting setups to get the look the mag wanted and the look the photographer wanted. 

Since I needed to create images for multiple uses, I needed multiple lighting scenarios. However, as mentioned before, I had very little time for the actual sitting. This is where SpeedCycler comes into play. This function is usually used in arena sports photography. In this case however, it allowed me to shoot all three different lighting concepts in less than a second. 

Here is a basic breakdown of the setups with some early tests. 

Channel A (safe option)

Channel A (safe option)

Channel B (drama drama drama)

Channel B (drama drama drama)

Channel C (Strange, unsettling, colorful)

Channel C (Strange, unsettling, colorful)

I am excited about the possibilities this tool can provide in the future. Here are a couple more images I made with this set prior to Senator Murray's arrival. Photos of Senator Murray to follow....

Its a Cultural Thing: Israeli Tech Workers in Seattle

This series was made for Jewish in Seattle. The brief was to create a series of timeless black and white portraits of Israeli tech workers who have immigrated to Seattle. The final images show sense of quiet confidence that they all share. 

Hagit Galatzer

Anat Brovman

Shirli Israeli

Adi Sapir

Beauty Day - for Zulily

Had a lot of fun shooting Health/Beauty products for Zulily. We made a big mess, but it was all worth it. 

Styling by : Michelle Lateste

Chi Shampoo